Selected clips:

Muse magazine:

  • Commotion in the Ocean, April 2013

National Geographic KIDS

  • Kaboom! How demolition experts bring down buildings, December 2012/January 2013

Weekly Reader publications:

  • Current Health Teens:¬†Coping, With Courage: The challenges of post-traumatic stress disorder, September 2011
  • Current Health Teens: Caring With Courage: Teens support sick family members, January 2011
  • Career World: Future Fibers: Textile engineers make advanced materials for clothing and much more. October 2008. [pdf]
  • Current Health 2: Beat the Heat: smart tips for staying cool, April 2008 [pdf]
  • Current Health 2: Coping with Cancer: an often-scary disease and the teens who battle it, November 2007 [pdf]

National Geographic Explorer:

  • Mars Mysteries, with Jennifer Eigenbrode of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, September 2010

Science News for Kids: