I tackle complex topics, and I write for a range of audiences: the general public, researchers, and children.  I have explored the science and music of carbon fiber cellos, followed the journey of the Mars rover spirit, delved into the science and policy of stem cell research, and learned about inkjet printing of cells.

Clients have included:

  • Science and health magazines: Discover, Science News, ScientificAmerican.com, Astronomy, CR magazine, Wildlife Conservation
  • Reference publishers and alumni magazines: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Furman magazine
  • Journals and trade magazines: Science, Science Careers, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Careers, Nature Reports Stem Cells, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Nature Biotechnology, ACS Chemical Biology, Analytical Chemistry, Chemical & Engineering News online, Physical Review Focus, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, HHMI Bulletin, The Scientist, BioTechniques
  • Non-Profit and Government Clients: American Chemical Society, American Federation for Aging Research, Krell Institute, National Institute of Standards and Technology, New York Academy of Sciences
  • Children’s publications: Muse, Science News for Kids; Current Health 1, Current Health 2, WR Science, and Career World (Weekly Reader); National Geographic Explorer; SuperScience and Science World (Scholastic); WonderPage

Weaving science and technology into everyday life