Chattanooga Nature Center

Webb of Science moves South

Summer turned out to be a little crazy ¬†at Webb of Science. My husband got a new job, and we’ve moved South to Chattanooga, Tennessee. So my blog needed to go on hiatus, and I’ll be shifting my focus a bit. Instead of hearing about New York City, you’re more likely to get a slice of Southern hospitality and a side of the Smoky Mountains. But as always, it will be my usual mix of science-y goodness.

We’ve been here just over a month. And, just in case you were wondering, Chattanooga is a pretty amazing place. We have the photos to prove it.

I still may sprinkle in a few bits from NYC that I didn’t manage to get in before we left. Please stay tuned!

Lookout Mountain

We saw Rock City!


Rock formations in the caves at Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls, an 145 foot underground waterfall

Chattanooga Nature Center

Butterfly in a meadow at the Chattanooga Nature Center

red wolf

a red wolf at the Chattanooga Nature Center

Lookout MountainRock formations in the caves at Ruby FallsRuby FallsChattanooga Nature Centerred wolf

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    1. Thanks, Matt. Though I have to note that I have a “shady” past when it comes to SEC sports (I’m a Florida gal and a Gator fan, but I’m really nice. I promise). Maybe we can agree on “Go Mocs” for UTC?

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