4 responses to “Notes on the leaky pipeline: realism or disillusionment? [Updated]”

  1. Athene Donald

    There is some confusion here. The report referred to (The Chemistry PhD: the impact on women’s retention http://www.theukrc.org/files/useruploads/files/the_chemistry_phdwomensretention_tcm18-139215.pdf ) has only just been published, but builds on an earlier 2008 report. I’ve written about my own thoughts on the recent report here http://occamstypewriter.org/athenedonald/2012/03/27/is-or-was-your-phd-an-ordeal/. My impression is that in the UK, Chemistry is something of an outlier, something the earlier report showed by comparing the situation with Biochemistry.

  2. Athene Donald

    The chemistry/biochemistry report is here http://www.rsc.org/images/MolecularBiosciences08_tcm18-139859.pdf and suggests there are significant cultural differences

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